Monday, 10 May 2010

What media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Obviously our film would be distributed by a company that provides for independent film makers such as "Warp X" or "Warp films". The film would also be low budget due to it's genre. For example "A Clockwork Orange" only had a budget of 2.2 million, and is still considered to be a elaborate and artistic film.
Momentarily, like most younger film makers, we have been using the Internet to exhibit our film. Both YouTube and Blogger have been useful tools for this.
Due to the large cost of distribution, it may not be a wise investment. Instead a "straight to TV" approach should be considered. Most independent film makers screen their films on "Film 4" as they have a direct link to distributors such a Warp X.
Films such as "This is England" and "Donkey Punch", are both Film 4 productions as well as being associated with "Screen Yorkshire", which is another company to consider getting involved with if we were to make a full film.
It may be difficult to get companies to support our film as the genre narrows it down to a specific audience. Unlike family films, mature British socio-realist films are unlikely to attract a number of generations, and is also unlikely to attract Americans. Due to this the amount made at the box office will be small, so it is wise to spend as little on production and distribution as possible.
We have also entered our film at the cooperative film festival in October. We have edited the original film to make it suitable for a younger audience that may be attending the screening.

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