Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Developing Film Names

We decided to take influence from film names such as A Clockwork Orange, Pulp Fiction and One flew over the Cuckoos Nest, and come up with a film name that is relevant to the film but is more poetic and composed.
We researched themes related to schyzophrenia, psychology, mental illness etc. We also researched synonyms to words like "insane" "mental" and "crazy" and finally came up with 2 phrases linked to these words that we felt suitable for our film name, "Out to Lunch" and "Bats in the Belfry".
We chose "Bats in the Belfry" because it was a more classic proverb when refering to the insane. We then changed the name to "A Bat in the Belfry" to suggest the isolation of the central protagonist. "Out to Lunch" is being considered for a tagline instead.

Story Boarding

Distribution and Production Company Name Ideas

These are some of the ideas we came up with for production company names:
Aspect Media
Muse Productions
Panorama Films
Element Films
Scope Pictures
Blackout Pictures
Vertigo Films
Scape Media
Mask Films 

We chose Vertigo Cinemas in the end because Vertigo Films was already a large production company for the Adult film industry.

The first and only idea we came up with for a distribution company name was "SIMPLAZ" which derides from the term "Simple As" which links in with the fact that it is a small independent company. The use of the "Z" at the end expresses the modern take on the name. 

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Location Scouting

The locations needed for our film opening are; a white room for the opening vision scene, and a small basic house for the bedroom and kitchen scenes. For the white room we are using a dance studio in Guisley which has been booked for the shoot. For the bedroom and kitchen scenes we are using Joels house.

Genres and Openings: Codes and Conventions

Psychological thrillers generally open with a scene forseeing something that happens later on in the film, whether it's a metaphore or an actual scene that is repeated in the film. The themes are generally eiry or disturbing with comedy aspects added in to present the pyschotic nature and personality of the central protagonist.
An example of using a scene at the beginning of the film that is repeated later on in the film is Memento but the scene is shown in reverse to confuse the audience, Identity also uses this method.
Secret Window uses the approach of using metaphores to forsee the ending of the film in where a book written by the central protagonist becomes reality in the ending.
These methods are used in order to make the audience think along with the characters in the film instead of adding dramatic irony like in most films.

Movie Soundtrack

Vertigo Cinema Production Company - Animation

Simplaz Distribution Company - Animation

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My 10 Films

Psycho - Alfred Hitchcock
- City scape of Pheonix, Arizona, extreme long shot, Black and White
- Music Signifies Horror/Thriller
- Zooms into window, signifies that this is the central protagonist

The Shining - Stanley Kubrick
- Country Scape of Colorado Extreme long shot, following the car to show the isolation.
- Music signifies the genre, Horror/Thriller
- Following car, signifies this is the central protagonist

Reservoir Dogs - Quentin Tarentino
- Men in car, one bleeding to death medium close up
- Hand held camera, to create sense of panic

American Beauty - Sam Mandes
- Girl talking to camera, long shot, diagetic hand held camera, scene repeating further on in the film
- Scape of the suburbs, closing in on the house of central protagonist

Fight Club
- Credits show images of brains which signifies a psychlogical genre.
- Clip from end of film, next scene him sat in and office, scene looks dark and depressing, central protagonist explains he has insomnia through narration.

Burn After Reading - The Coen Brothers
- Zoom from globe into America, CIA, drumming music to creates suspense
- Camera following feet along corridor, creates narrative enigma because the audience doesn't know who they are following

Memento - Christopher Nolan
- Scene from end of film show in reverse, a man on the floor getting shot in the head, this signifies either one could be the central protagonist.
- Close up polaroid with picture of a dead person, the use of polariods is a main theme of the film.

Silence of the Lambs - Jonathan Demme
- Scaping of woodland, overcast day, creates mystery and signifies a thriller along with the tense music.
- Central Protagonist climbing rope up a hill on FBI obsticle training course, she is running through the woods alone with the camera following her from a point of view angle, this creates suspense being it looks like she is being chased.

A Clockwork Orange
- Narration of central protagonist who is on screen, non diagetic
- Close up of his face and then zooming out to reveal entire scene, all is still

Pulp Fiction - Quentin Tarentino
- Couple sat in diner, shot reverse shot of their conversation.
- Couple then begin a heist of the diner, pulling out guns and shouting threats, woman stoof on table with gun with a low angle shot to show her power and intimidation over the diner, the shot freezes and the soundtrack begins to play along with the rolling titles.