Monday, 10 May 2010

Looking back at yout preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Compared to our prelim task, our final film that we have produced is a lot more sophisticated and had been taken a lot more seriously. In terms of editing we have come a long way as we had very little experience using i movie at that particular time. We have also been a lot more intricate and precise with our editing, instead of just throwing something together quickly.
Our prelim task did help us to understand the three main editing components mentioned in the brief, so we had practise and were ready to use them in our main production. These three components were, shot reverse shot, 180 degree rule and match on action.
In terms of camera work, we have not only come a long way through practice, but also researched different stylised techniques in both "Narrative ans Stylistic patterns in the films of Stanley Kubrick" and "Hitchcock: A Definitive study of Alfred Hitchcock".
Through these studies, we were encouraged to use more ambitious camera angles such as the dutch angle used in the final shot of our film, and we even attempted the Hitchcock zoom in the first scene.
Having looked at the result from our preliminary task, and some of the earlier footage that we recorded for out full product, we have also been encouraged to find ways of increasing the aesthetic quality of our film.
We really took advantage of the camera settings by altering the exposure and contrast, something that was not considered in the prelim task. We also enhanced the film on Sony Vegas to increase the definition of the film to it's full potential.
Having played about with editing a lot more and re shooting and rerecording until we were totally content with our final product, we have finally created the vision that we had first set out to do.

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