Monday, 10 May 2010


The white room in the opening scene signifies heaven linking in with the religious connotations of the film. The themes also contrast because at the end of the scene he violently kills her.
The house we used was a standard lower middle class house, to signify that the couple are young and struggle with money.
In the bedroom scene, Paul wakes up in bed on top of the duvet, with the duvet drawn back on the other side to signify that someone sleeps in the bed next to him.
The rooms aren't immaculately tidy either to signify youth.
The books on the table in the kitchen are books related to psychology and the novel of Silence of the Lambs which was included in our research.
The dressing gown, t-shirt and boxer shorts also signify his laziness, and Graces neat smart clothes signify she is more organised and motivated.

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